The State Police is presently headed by Sh. B.S. Sandhu, IPS, Director General of Police at State Police Headquarters located in Sector 6, Panchkula and in the field units, he is assisted by the following senior officers:

S. No.. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DGP/Headquarters, Panchkula K.K Mishra, IPS
2. ADGP/Headquarters, Panchkula P.K. Agrawal, IPS
3. ADGP/Administration Sudhir Chowdhary, IPS
4. ADGP/Law & Order Muhammad Akil, IPS
5. IGP/Law & Order (on the rank of ADGP) A.S. Chawla, IPS (Additional Charge)
6. IGP/Crime Against Women Smt. Mamta Singh, IPS
7. IGP/Modernization Saurabh Singh, IPS
8. DIG/Administration Rakesh Kumar Arya, IPS
9. SP/Law & Order Sumer Partap Singh, IPS
10. SP/PHQ Vinod Kumar, IPS
11. AIG/Provisioning Vikas Dhankar, IPS
12. DSP/Law & Order, Panchkula Mamta Sodha, HPS

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. IGP/CID Anil Kumar Rao, IPS
2. IGP/Security Dr. Hanif Qureshi, IPS
3. DIG/CID Y. Puran Kumar, IPS
4. SSP/Security Maneesh Chaudhry, IPS
5. SP/Security Rahul Sharma, IPS
6. SP/CID Bhupender Singh, HPS
7. SP/intelligence (CID) Rajesh Kalia, HPS
8. SP/CID Raj Kumar, HPS
9. SP/CM's Flying Squad Dheeraj Kumar, HPS
10. DSP/CID (on the Rank of Addl. SP) Raj Kumar, HPS
11. DSP/CID Surinder Vats, HPS
12. DSP/CID Ajit Singh, HPS
13. DSP/ CID Surinder Singh, HPS
14. DSP/CID Mukesh Malhotra, HPS
15. DSP/CID Dhian Singh, HPS
16. DSP/CID Purnima Singh, HPS
17. DSP/CID Karan Goyal, HPS
18. DSP/CID Uday Raj, HPS
19. DSP/CID Jitender Kumar, HPS
20. DSP/CID Ajay Kumar, HPS
21. DSP/CID Jitender Gahlawat, HPS
22. DSP/CID Sushil Kumar, HPS
23. DSP/CID Shamsher Singh Dahiya, HPS
24. DSP/CID Jeet Singh, HPS
25. DSP/CID Sidharath Dhanda, HPS
26. DSP/CID Rajbir Singh, HPS
27. DSP/CID Sumer Singh, HPS
28. DSP/CID Ram Singh, HPS
29. DSP/CID Ravinder Kumar, HPS
30. DSP/CID Narinder Kumar, HPS

Raj Bhawan
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. ADC to Governor, Haryana Mohit Handa , IPS

State Crime Branch
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. ADGP/Crime P.K. Agrawal, IPS (Additional Charge)
2. IGP/State Crime Branch with Headquarters at Gurugram Anil Kumar Rao, IPS
3. IGP/State Crime Branch Kuldeep Sihag, IPS
4. IGP/State Crime Branch Saurabh Singh, IPS
5. IGP/State Crime Branch Dr. Rajshree Singh, IPS
6. DCP/Crime, Faridabad Sukhbir Singh, IPS
7. SP/State Crime Branch (Additional Charge) Kamal Deep Goyal, HPS
8. SP/Crime at Faridabad Bijender Singh, HPS
9. SP/Crime, Headquarter, Moginand Panchkula Surinder Pal Singh, IPS
10. SP/State Crime Branch Ashwin, IPS
11. DSP/State Crime Branch Mahavir Singh, HPS
12. DSP/State Crime Branch Subhash Chand, HPS
13. DSP/State Crime Branch Ravinder Kumar, HPS
14. DSP/State Crime Branch Vijay Singh, HPS
15. DSP/State Crime Branch Rajneesh Kumar, HPS
16. DSP/State Crime Branch Sajjan Kumar, HPS
17. DSP/State Crime Branch Ram Phal, HPS

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. IGP/Telecom Paramjit Singh Ahlawat, IPS
2. SP/Telecom Sukhbir Singh, IPS
3. DSP/Technical, Panchkula Prem Krishan, HPS
4. DSP/Telecom, Panchkula Hissam Singh, HPS
5. DSP/Telecom, Panchkula Prem Dhangi, HPS

Railways & Technical Services
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DGP/Railways, Haryana, Panchkula Rajvant Pal Singh, IPS
2. ADGP/Railways & Commandos, Moginand, Panchkula Alok Kumar Roy, IPS
3. SP/Railways, Ambala Cantt. Vinod Kumar, HPS
4. SP/Commando, Newal Krishan Murari, IPS
5. DSP/GRP, Faridabad Mohinder Singh, HPS
6. DSP/GRP, Ambala Cantt. Sheetal Singh, HPS
7. DSP/GRP, Hisar Satish Kumar, HPS
8. DSP/Commando Krishan Kumar, HPS
9. DSP/GRP Gurdial Singh, HPS

State Crime Record Bureau
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. IGP/SCRB Shrikant Jadhav, IPS

Haryana Police Academy
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DG/Madhuban Complex K.K. Sindhu, IPS
2. SP/HPA, Madhuban Rajinder Kumar Meena, IPS
3. DSP/HPA Mohinder Pal, HPS
4. DSP/HPA Yad Ram Bishnoi, HPS
5. DSP/HPA Amarjit Kataria, HPS
6. DSP/HPA Vivek Choudhary, HPS
7. DSP/HPA Kushal Pal Singh, HPS
8. DSP/HPA Raj Kumar, HPS

Haryana Armed Police
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. IGP/HAP H.S. Doon, IPS
2. DSP/HAP Pawan Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/HAP Virender Singh, HPS
1st Battalion, Ambala City
4. Comdt./HAP, 1st Battalion Ashok Kumar, IPS
5. DSP/HAP, 1st Battalion Surinder Mohini, HPS
6. DSP/HAP, 1st Battalion Surinder Kaur, HPS
7. DSP/HAP, 1st Battalion Amit Dahiya, HPS
2nd Battalion, Madhuban, Karnal
8. Comdt./HAP, 2nd Battalion Ashok Kumar, IPS
9. DSP/HAP, 2nd Battalion Vijender Singh, HPS
10. DSP/HAP, 2nd Battalion Sandeep Singh, HPS
11. DSP/HAP, 3rd Battalion Satbir Singh, HPS
3rd Battalion, Hisar
12. Comdt./HAP, 3rd Battalion Pratiksha Godara, IPS
13. DSP/HAP, 3rd Battalion Daljit Singh, HPS
14. DSP/HAP, 3rd Battalion Gorakh Pal, HPS
15. DSP/HAP, 3rd Battalion Satbir Singh, HPS
16. DSP/HAP, 3rd Battalion Shiv Kumar, HPS
4th Battalion, Madhuban, Karnal
17. Comdt./HAP, 4th Battalion Omvir Singh, IPS
18. DSP/HAP, 4th Battalion Ravinder Singh Sangwan, HPS
19. DSP/HAP, 4th Battalion Sardar Singh, HPS
20. DSP/HAP, 4th Battalion Rajesh Kumar, HPS
21. DSP/HAP, 4th Battalion Vikas Krishan Yadav, HPS
22. DSP/HAP, 4th Battalion Sanjeev Kumar, HPS
5th Battalion, Madhuban, Karnal
23. Comdt./HAP, 5th Battalion Nirapjit Singh, HPS
24. DSP/HAP, 5th Battalion Ashok Kumar, HPS
25. DSP/HAP, 5th Battalion Anoop Singh, HPS
26. DSP/HAP, 5th Battalion Yogeshwar Dutt, HPS

PTC Sunaria, Rohtak
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. ADGP/Sunaria Complex Desh Raj Singh, IPS
2. IGP/PTC, Sunaria Navdeep Singh Virk, IPS (Additional Charge)
3. SP/PTC Sunaria Vijay Partap Singh, HPS
4. Comdt. 3rd IRB, Sunaria Ramesh Pal, HPS
5. DSP/3rd IRB, Sunaria Virender Singh Dalal, HPS
6. DSP/3rd IRB, Sunaria Anil Kumar, HPS
7. DSP/PTC, Sunaria Ajaib Singh, HPS

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DG, Incharge Bhondsi Complex B.K. Sinha, IPS (Additional Charge)
2. IGP/CPT&R, Bhondsi Mamta Singh, IPS
3. IGP/IRB, Bhondsi K.K. Rao, IPS
4. IGP/RTC, Bhondsi Yoginder Singh, Nehra, IPS
5. SP/RTC, Bhondsi O. P. Narwal, IPS
6. Comdt. 1st IRB (on the rank of DIG) B. Satheesh Balan, IPS
7. Comdt. 2nd IRB D.K Bhardwaj, IPS
8. Comdt. 4th IRB Kulvinder Singh, IPS
9. DSP/IRB, 1st Bn Chander Pal, HPS
10. DSP/IRB, 1st Bn  Kaptan Singh, HPS
11. DSP/IRB, 1st Bn  Hira Singh, HPS
12. DSP/IRB, 2nd Bn  Balwan Singh, HPS
13. DSP/IRB, 2nd Bn Jagbir Singh, HPS
14. DSP/IRB, 2nd Bn Ramesh Kumar, HPS
15. DSP/IRB, 3rd Bn Virender Singh Dalal, HPS
16. DSP/IRB, 3rd Bn Vijay Pal, HPS
17. DSP/IRB, 4th Bn Sanjay Ahlawat, HPS
18. DSP/RTC, Bhondsi Kuldeep Singh, HPS

Police Commissionerates, Ranges and Districts

The four Police Ranges and three Commissionerates comprise of the following districts:

Ambala Range Ambala, Yamunanagar and Kurukshetra
Karnal Range Karnal, Panipat and Kaithal
Hisar Range Hisar, Hansi, Fatehabad, Sirsa and Jind
Rohtak Range Rohtak, Jhajjar, Sonipat, Bhiwani and Charkhi Dadri
South Range Rewari, Palwal, Mahendergarh and Nuh
Police Commissionerate, Faridabad Central Faridabad, NIT Faridabad, Ballabgarh
Police Commissionerate, Gurugram East Gurugram, West Gurugram and South Gurugram
Police Commissionerate,Panchkula Panchkula
S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. Commissioner of Police, Gurugram Sandeep Khirwar, IPS
2. ADGP/Ambala Range Dr. R.C. Mishra, IPS
3. IGP/Hisar Range Sanjay Kumar, IPS
4. IGP/Karnal Range Subhash Yadav, IPS
5. IGP/South Range C.S. Rao, IPS
6. IGP/Rohtak Range Navdeep Singh Virk, IPS
7. Commissioner of Police, Faridabad Amitabh Singh Dhillon, IPS
8. Commissioner of Police, Panchkula (on the rank of ADGP) A.S. Chawla, IPS

Police Commissionerate, Panchkula


S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DCP/Panchkula Rajender Kumar Meena, IPS
2. ACP/Panchkula Dalip Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Kalka Om Parkash, HPS
4. ACP/Panchkula Munish Sehgal, HPS
5. DSP/Panchkula Noopur Bishnoi, HPS
6. ACP/Panchkula Adarshdeep Singh, HPS
7. ACP/Panchkula Vijay Deswal, HPS


District Ambala

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Ambala Abhishek Jorwal, IPS
2. ASP/Ambala chander Mohan, IPS
3. DSP/Headquarter, Ambala Madan Lal, HPS
4. DSP/Naraingarh Amit Bhatia, HPS
5. DSP/Ambala Mamta Kharab, HPS
6. DSP/Barara Sudhir Taneja, HPS
7. DSP/Ambala Cantt. Suresh Chand, HPS
8. DSP/Ambala Ajit kumar, HPS

District Yamunanagar

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Yamunanagar Rajesh Kalia, HPS (Additional Charge)
2. DSP/Bilaspur Ashish Chaudhary, HPS
3. DSP/Jagadhri Rajinder Singh, HPS
4. DSP/Radour, Yamunanagar Ajay Kumar, HPS
5. DSP/Yamunanagar Desh Raj, HPS
6. DSP/Yamunanagar Raj Kumar Walia, HPS

District Kurukshetra

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Kurukshetra Abhishek Garg, IPS
2. DSP/Headquarter, Kurukshetra Raj Singh, HPS
3. DSP/Pehowa Dheeraj Kumar, HPS
4. DSP/Shahbad Jagdish Rai, HPS
5. DSP/Kurukshetra Tanya, HPS
6. DSP/Thanesar Jitender Singh, HPS
7. DSP/Kurukshetra Gurmail Saini, HPS
8. DSP/Kurukshetra Ramesh Kumar Gulia, HPS


District Karnal

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Karnal Surinder Singh Bhoria, HPS
2. DSP/Headquarter, Karnal Ramesh Chand, HPS
3. DSP/Indri Ram Dutt, HPS
4. DSP/Assandh Dalbir Singh Yadav, HPS
5. DSP/Gharounda Virender Saini, HPS
6. DSP/Karnal Rajiv Kumar, HPS
7. DSP/Karnal Baljinder Singh, HPS

District Panipat

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Panipat Smt. Sangeeta Rani, IPS
2. DSP/Headquarter, Panipat Jagdeep Singh, HPS
3. DSP/Samalkha Naresh Ahlawat, HPS
4. DSP/Panipat Atma Ram, HPS
5. DSP/Panipat Vijender Singh, HPS
6. DSP/Panipat Rajesh Kumar Lohan, HPS
7. DSP/Panipat Rajesh Kumar Phogat, HPS

District Kaithal

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Kaithal Astha Modi, IPS
2. DSP/Headquarter, Kaithal Tarun Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Guhla Sultan Singh, HPS
4. DSP/Kaithal Joginder Singh, HPS
5. DSP/Kaithal Ram Kumar, HPS


District Rohtak

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Rohtak Jashdeep Singh Randhwa, IPS
2. DSP/Meham Dr. Ravinder Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Rohtak Tahir Hussain, HPS
4. DSP/Meham Virender Sangwan, HPS
5. DSP/Rohtak Ramesh Kumar Arora, HPS
6. DSP/Rohtak Pirthvi Singh, HPS
7. DSP/Rohtak Rohtash Singh, HPS
8. DSP/Rohtak Narain Chand, HPS
9. DSP/Rohtak Gajender Kumar, HPS

District Bhiwani

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Bhiwani Ganga Ram Punia, IPS
2. DSP/Siwani Sanjay Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Dadri Suresh Kumar, HPS
4. DSP/Tosham Kuldeep Singh, HPS
5. DSP/Bhiwani Jagat Singh, HPS
6. DSP/Bhiwani Virender Singh, HPS
7. DSP/Loharu Kulbhushan, HPS

District Sonipat

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Sonipat (on the rank of DIG) Satender Kumar Gupta, IPS
2. ASP/Gohana Narender Bijarnia, IPS
3. Addl. SP/Sonipat D.K. Bhardwaj, HPS
4. DSP/Gannaur Aryan Choudhary, HPS
5. DSP/Sonipat Mukesh Kumar, HPS
6. DSP/Sonipat Rahul Dev, HPS
7. DSP/Sonipat Harinder Kumar, HPS
8. DSP/Sonipat Virender Yadav, HPS

District Jhajjar

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Jhajjar Pankaj Nain, IPS
2. ASP/Badli Shashank Kumar Sawan, IPS
3. DSP/Headquarte, Jhajjar Hans Raj, HPS
4. DSP/Bahadurgarh Bhagat Ram, HPS
5. DSP/Jhajjar Ajmer Singh, HPS
6. DSP/Jhajjar Bharti Dabas, HPS

District Charkhi Dadri

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Charkhi Dadri Himanshu Garg, IPS
2. DSP/Badhra Anoop Singh, HPS
3. DSP/Charkhi Dadri Pardeep Kumar, HPS
4. DSP/Badhra Dalip Singh, HPS


District Hisar

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Hisar Manisha Chaudhary, IPS
2. Addl. SP/Hisar Rajesh Kumar, IPS
3. DSP/Headquarters, Hisar Bhagwan Dass, HPS
4. DSP/Barwala Jai Pal, HPS
5. DSP/Law & Order, Hisar Jitender Singh, HPS

District Sirsa

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Sirsa Hamid Akhtar, IPS
2. ASP/Headquarter, Sirsa Vijay Kumar Kakkar, HPS
3. DSP/Ellenabad Sadhu Ram, HPS
4. DSP/Dabwali Kuldeep Singh, HPS
5. DSP/Dabwali Kishori Lal, HPS
6. DSP/Sirsa Virender Singh Dalal, HPS
7. DSP/kalanwali Nar Singh, HPS
8. DSP/Sirsa Ravinder Singh Tomar, HPS

District Jind

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Jind Dr. Arun Singh, IPS
2. DSP/Narwana Kulwant Singh, HPS
3. DSP/Jind Paramjit Singh Samota, HPS
4. DSP/Saffidon Sunil Kumar, HPS
5. DSP/Jind Pawan Kumar, HPS
6. DSP/Jind Ram Bhaj, HPS

District Fatehabad

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Fatehabad

Deepak Saharan, HPS

2. DSP/Fatehabad Geetika Jakhar, HPS
3. DSP/Tohana Joginder sharma, HPS
4. DSP/Fatehabad Jagdish Kumar, HPS
5. DSP/Fatehabad Umed Singh, HPS
6. DSP/Fatehabad Dharambir Singh, HPS

District Hansi

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Hansi

Pratiksha Godara, IPS (Additional Charge) 

2. DSP/Hansi Narender Singh Kadian, HPS
3. DSP/Narnaund Joginder Singh, HPS
4. DSP/Hansi Parmod Kumar, HPS


District Gurgaon

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DCP/Headquarters, Gurugram Deeak Gahlawat, IPS,
2. DCP (West), Gurugram Sumit Kumar, HPS
3. DCP/Crime, Gurugram (Additional Charge) Sumit Kumar, HPS
4. DCP (East), Gurugram Kuldeep Singh, IPS
5. DCP (South), Gurugram Ashok Kumar, HPS
6. DCP/Traffic, Gurugram Smt. Sulochna Kumari
7. ACP/Gurugram Mahender Singh Sethi, HPS
8. ACP/Headquarters, Gurugram Dharna Yadav, HPS
9. ACP/DLF, Gurugram Ramesh Pal, HPS
10. ACP/Manesar Dharambir Singh, HPS
11. ACP/Gurugram Sandeep Malik, HPS
12. ACP/Gurugram Rajiv Kumar, HPS
13. ACP/Gurugram Pankhuri Kumar, HPS
14. ACP/DLF, Gurugram Anil Kumar, HPS
15. ACP/Gurugram Manish Sehgal, HPS
16. ACP/Gurugram Jai Singh, HPS
17. ACP/Crime, Gurugram Ranvir Singh, HPS
18. ACP/Sohna, Gurugram Dinesh Yadav, HPS
19. DSP/Gurugram Shakuntla Devi, HPS
20. ACP/Gurugram usha Devi, HPS
21. ACP/Pataudi Veer Singh, HPS
22. ACP/Crime Gurugram Shamsher Singh, HPS
23. ACP/Gurugram Inderjeet Singh, HPS
24. ACP/Gurugram Hitesh Yadav, HPS


District Faridabad

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. DCP/Traffic, Faridabad Virender Vij, IPS
2. DCP/Headquarters, Faridabad Vikram Kapoor, IPS
3. DCP/NIT, Faridabad(Additional Charge) Shiv Charan, IPS
4. DCP/Central, Faridabad Lokender Singh, IPS
5. DCP/NIT, Faridabad Nitika Gahlaut, IPS
6. ACP/Ballabhgarh Balbir Singh, HPS
7. ACP/Crime, Faridabad Rajesh Kumar, HPS
8. ACP/Central, Faridabad Atma Ram, HPS
9. DSP/Mujesar Radhey Shyam, HPS
10. ACP/Faridabad Devender Kumar, HPS
11. ACP/Faridabad Jai Parkash, HPS
12. ACP/Faridabad Pooja Dabla, HPS
13. ACP/Sarai, Faridabad Yash Pal Khatana, HPS
14. ACP/NIT, Faridabad Shakir Hussain, HPS
15. ACP/Tigaon Aman Yadav, HPS
16. ACP/Faridabad Ravinder Kumar Kundu, HPS
17. ACP/Faridabad Gajender Singh, HPS
18. DSP/Faridabad Gajender Kumar, HPS


District Rewari

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Rewari Rajesh Duggal, IPS
2. DSP/Kosli Anil Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Rewari Mohd. Jamal, HPS
4. DSP/Rewari Satyapal Yadav, HPS
5. DSP/Rewari Suresh Kumar, HPS

District Palwal

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Palwal Waseem Akram, IPS
2. DSP/Palwal Ramesh Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Hodal Moji Ram, HPS
4. DSP/Palwal Abhimanyu Lohan, HPS
5. DSP/Palwal Suresh Kumar, HPS

District Nuh

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Nuh Nazneen Bhasin, IPS
2. ASP/Ferozepur Zhirka Himanshu Garg, IPS
3. DSP/Punhana Ashok Kumar, HPS
4. DSP/Tauru Virender Singh, HPS
5. DSP/Ferozepur Zhirka Birem Singh, HPS
6. DSP/Nuh Sukhbir Singh, HPS 

District Mahendergarh

S. No. Posting Name (S/Shri)
1. SP/Narnaul Kamal Deep Goyal, HPS
2. DSP/Mahendergarh Satender Kumar, HPS
3. DSP/Kanina Vinod Kumar, HPS
4. DSP/Narnaul Vinod Kumar, HPS
5. DSP/Narnaul Mahesh Kumar, HPS

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