A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it for under its control
[Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]
S.No. Nature of Record Details of information available Unit / Section where available Retention period where available
1 First Information Report (FIR) maintained as per PPR-22.47 (Register No.I) Details of crime reported / detected (cognizable offence) and police investigation All Police Stations FIR is kept permanently in the Record Room of concerned Police Station as per PPR
2. Daily Diary maintained as per PPR 22.48 (Register No.II) All the details in r/o criminals arrested and entry of arrival/departure of all enrolled police officers on duty with nature of their duties, duty performed and places visited etc. All Police Stations, Police Posts & Police Lines Daily diaries are retained for two years after the date of the last entry.
3. All Standing Orders as per PPR 22.53 (Register No.III) Certain instructions/ directions/guidelines on various subjects issued internally to all police personnel/officials by PHQ All offices/Police Stations Retained permanently in all offices/Police Stations.
4. Information about absconders and deserters maintained as per PPR-22.54 (Register No.IV) Details of all proclaimed offenders and deserters from the army. All Police Stations Permanent
5. Kalandra and Inquest register maintained as per PPR 22.56 (Register No. VI) All carbon copies of Kalandras and Inquest report of the Police Station are kept in this register All Police Stations Permanent record.
6. Crime Record Register maintained as per PPR-22.59 and PPR-22.60 (Register No.IX) Details of notes oncommunity, persons of doubtful character having convicted or suspicious and cognizable cases . The topography of the area population etc. are also kept in this register. Through this surveillance on criminals is maintained. All Police Stations Permanent. It is confidential and unpublished official record.
7. Surveillance register maintained as per PPR 22.61 (Register No. X,X-A & X-B) History sheets of persons habitually addicted to crime made by the ranks not below Inspector after receipt of orders of Supdt. of Police. All Police Stations Retained upto 2 years after the date of last entry. It is confidential and nothing contained in them may be communicated to any person nor any inspection be allowed or copies given save as provided in police rules. The rights of district and ilaqa magistrates to examine such records are governed by rules 1.15 and 1.21.
8. Index to history sheets and personal files in serial order and alphabetical form maintained as per PPR-22.62 (Register No.XI) Indexing of history sheet and other record is done in this register. All Police Stations Permanent
9. Registers of Information Sheets maintained as per PPR-22.63 (Registers No. XII and XII-A Information sheets issued by I/C P.S. as a means of ascertaining the antecedents of persons who have been arrested under section 55 Criminal Procedure Code or of suspicious character or committed an offence. All Police Stations Retained upto 7 years after the dispatch or receipt of the last sheet.
10. Minute book for G.Os maintained as per PPR-22.64 (Register No. XIII) Details of any matters regarding crime, criminals and maintenance of record and P.S. building requiring the attention of the officer incharge of the P.S. which have not been entered in the inspection report and the matters permanently affecting the conditions of the police station e.g. changes in police station or jail boundaries, imposition and removal of additional Police Posts and constructions of new buildings etc. All Police Stations The register is a confidential and privileged record with the exception of Gazetted Police officers, no one except the Distt. Magistrate and a Sub-Divisional officer specifically authorized under rule 1.20 may enter remarks in it or examine it.
11. File book of inspection reports maintained as per PPR-22.65 (Register No.XIV) Record of inspection (Quarterly /Six Monthly) reports conducted by G.Os are kept in this register. All Police Stations Permanent
12. Register containing list of village watchmen in the PS jurisdiction, list of police officers, Government properties and land maintained as per PPR-22.67 (Register No. XVI) Detail of village watchmen, police officers, Govt. properties and land etc in the jurisdiction of P.S, All Police Station Permanent record
13. Register for Arms Act licenses, licenses under excise laws, licences under explosives act, licenses under petroleum act, licenses under poisons act and sarais under Sarais Act maintained as per PPR-22.68 (Register No. XVII) Record of arms act licenses, licenses under excise laws, licences under explosives act, licenses are kept in this register All Police Stations Permanent record.
14. Arms & Ammunition Receipt book maintained as per PPR-22.69 (Register No. XVIII) Detail of all arms ammunition or military stores deposited in, or seized and brought to, the Police Stations All Police Stations Retained upto 5 years after the date of last entry.
15. Case Property Register No.XIX maintained as per PPR-22.70. Detail of entry of all articles placed in the storeroom except articles already included in register No. XVI are made. All Police Stations Retained upto 3 years after the date of last entry.
16. Accounts register maintained as per PPR-22.71 (Register No. 20) Detail of entry of all receipts, expenditure, disbursement of pay, TA and permanent All SPs offices, Police Lines, and Police Stations Permanent record
17. Road Certificate maintained as per PPR-22.72 (Register No. XXI) Issuing/transfer of cash and other store articles through road certificate All SPs office/Police Station and Police Lines Retained upto 3 years after the date of last certificate issued.
18. Printed Cash Receipt maintained as per PPR-22.73 (Register No.XXII) All sums of money received in a office/police station whether in cash or otherwise on any account whatever, a receipt from this book is issued to remitting party All SPs offices/Police Stations 10 Years
19. Copies of all police gazette, criminal intelligence gazette and all orders maintained as per PPR-22.74 (Register No. XXIII) The police gazette, criminal intelligence gazette and all orders contained in the gazette, affecting the officers of the police station as a whole or any individual officer. All SPs Offices/Police Stations 5 Years
20. Copies of all police rules maintained as per PPR-22.76 (Register No. XXIV) Copies of all police rules are kept upto date for the perusal of G.Os All SPs Offices/Police Stations Permanent
21. Transfer/handover charge register maintained as per PPR-22.76 (Register No.XXV) On permanent transfer officer incharge have to record a confidential charge note mentioning the character and capacity of members of the staff of the police station and residents of the jurisdiction who are useful to the police as informers for the assistance of his successor All Police Stations/Offices Permanent
22. Personal Files Personal files of the rank of ASI and above All Districts/Units 3 Years in respect of G.Os and 1 year in r/o Non-G.Os after they have ceased to be in service
23. A.C.Rs Confidential/assessment repots in respect of police personnel Confidential Branch/PHQ in respect of Upper Subordinates and Ch.Roll Br. Of Distt./Units in r/o of Lower Subordinates. Permanent
24. Departmental Enquiries and Punishment Departmental Enquiries and Punishment awarded to police personnel Punishment Branch of All Distts/Units and Ch.Roll Branch of PHQ 10 Years or 3 years after the final disposal of appeal or final judgment under the normal course of law whichever is later.
25. Honorarium/awards Honorarium /awards granted to police personnel Accounts /Ch.Roll Branch of all Distts/Units 3 years or 1 year afgter completion of audit, whichever is later
26. Parliament /Vidhan Sabha Questions Parliament/Vidhan Sabha Questions pertaining to Haryana Police General Administration Branch PHQ/Units Admitted & answered discussed questions are retained for 3 years and other i.e. disallowed lapsed or withdrawn for 1 year.However cases great precedent reference value are retained permanently,

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