Particulars of organization, functions and duties
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1. Aims and objectives of the organization
The purpose of Haryana Police is to uphold the law fairly and firmly; to prevent occurrence of crime; to pursue and bring to justice those who break the law; to keep the peace in partnership with the community; to protect, help and reassure the people.

2. Mission / Vision
The mission of Haryana Police is to help the common man, to provide him security and to create a peaceful and law abiding community with his cooperation. Haryana Police is committed to uphold the rule of Law, to prevent crime and to maintain law and order. We are here to protect the weak, the under-privileged and to serve the people. In order to make Haryana Police people-friendly, to enhance the credibility of the police and to check corruption, transparency in the system is emphasized at all levels.

3. Brief History and background for its establishment
On the pattern of the colonial Irish constabulary, Sir Charles Napier established a police system in Sindh in 1843. The British Army Officers closely supervised and controlled forces which were resultantly more disciplined, efficient and not corrupt. Influenced by the success of Napier�s police, the Court of Directors of the East India Company suggested that a common system of police be established on the pattern of Irish Constabulary.

The British Indian Government set up a Police Commission headed by Mr. H.M. Court in 1860. One of the policy directives to the Police Commission of 1860 was that "though the duties of the police should be entirely civil, not military, the organization and discipline of the police should be similar to those of a military body. The present police system in our country has been established under this Charter.

The Punjab Police Rules were framed in 1934, which still govern the police organizations in the north Indian States of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh and Haryana.

The State of Haryana was carved out of Punjab on 1st of November, 1966. At that time it comprised of one police Range and 6 districts and had a strength of 12165 personnel. Today, the State is divided into 5 Ranges, 3 Commissionerates and 23 districts.

4. Structure of the department
The State Police Headquarters is located in Sector 6, Panchkula. The State Police is presently headed by Director General of Police who is an IPS Officer. Haryana Police has a total strength of 71640 (Gazetted Officers/453, Inspectors/1029, Sub Inspectors/3513, Assistant Sub Inspectors/6009, Head Constables/12492, Constables/48144).

In Haryana there are 23 Districts.  For the effective implementation of law and order in the State, these Districts are clubbed into five Ranges and three Commissionerates. Each Range comprises of following Districts.

•         Ambala Range : Ambala, Yamuna Nagar and Kurukshetra

•         Hisar Range: Hisar, Hansi, Fatehabad, Sirsa and Jind.

•         Karnal Range: Karnal, Panipat and Kaithal.

•         Rohtak Range: Rohtak, Jhajjar, Sonipat, Bhiwani and Charkhi Dadri.

•         South Range: Rewari, Palwal, Mahendergarh and Nuh. 

•         Police Commissionerate Gurugram : East Gurugram, West Gurugram, South Gurugram and Manesar.

•         Police Commissionerate Faridabad: Central Faridabad, NIT Faridabad, Ballabhgarh.

•         Commissionerate Panchkula: Panchkula.

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A) Investigation
Investigation according to Cr.P.C is to collect the evidence, regarding the commission of crime/offence as per procedure established:-

S.No. Activity Level of action Time frame
1. Registration of FIR. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
2. Examination of witness. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
3. Visit of investigation officer at the scene of offence. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
4. Collection of evidence. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
5. Preparation of site plan. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
6. Arrest of the accused. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
7. Recording of confessions. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
8. Obtaining Police / Judicial custody remand. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
9. Search. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
10. Seizure. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
11. Preparation of case diaries etc. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.
12. Filing of charge sheet. As prescribed in Cr.P.C. As prescribed in Cr.P.C.

B) Other Functions
S.No. Activity Level of action Time frame
1. Passport application forms received through regional passport office - -
2. Character verification for employment. - -
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The different units of the Haryana Police, their functions, duties and responsibilities are as under:-

Sr. No.   Units Location Function/Duties
1. Criminal Investigation Department PHQ, Sector-6, Panchkula Collection of Intelligence.
2. Haryana Armed Police Madhuban (Karnal) Deployed to assist district police in discharge of its duties.
3. Railway Police IGP at Moginand, Panchkula and SP at Ambala Cantt. Security of the passengers traveling in trains. Security of the Property of the Government, like Railway tracks etc.
4. Police Telecom Wing Moginand, Panchkula To Provide Communication between different units of Haryana Police.
5. Haryana Police Academy Madhuban (Karnal) It provides training to the Police personnel in discipline, prevention and detection of Crime.
6. Forensic Science Laboratory Madhuban (Karnal) Scientific analysis of crime exhibits.
7. State Crime Record Bureau Madhuban (Karnal) To keep record of the crime statistics of the State.
8. Commando Newal (Karnal) Security of VVIPs/VIPs and take part in operations in capturing/combating terrorists and anti-social elements.
9. Haryana Police Housing Corporation Sector-6, Panchkula To arrange construction of residential houses, official buildings, barracks, Police Station Buildings etc. 
10. Traffic Police. Karnal Traffic management, regulation, enforcement of traffic rules & regulations and road safety education to road users. The Traffic Unit of Haryana Police is functioning under the overall supervision of AIG/Traffic.
11. I. R. B. Bhondsi (Gurgaon) Provides training to Police Personnel
12. State Crime Branch Moginand, Panchkula Collect and keep Record of Crime data
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