Appointment of Sh. Ramesh Kumar as DSP in Haryana Police

Name                                              Sh. Ramesh Kumar Gulia

Father Name                                    Sh. Balwan Singh

Date of Birth                                    01.02.1981

Education                                        B.A.    

Permanent Address                            Vill Purkhas, Distt. Sonipat




         1.                Arjun Award in 2001

2.                Sonipat Rattan Award 2008

3.                Railway Ministry Award 2004

4.                Best Wrestler Century Cup South Africa 2005

5.                Best Wrestler Commonwealth Championship 2005

6.                Participated in Athens Olympic Games in 2004

7.                National Champion from 1998 to 2008

8.                52 Senior National Championship Udaipur, Rajasthan 2007 Gold Medal

9.                Commonwealth Game in England 2002 Gold Medal.

10.              Commonwealth Free Style Wrestling Championship South Africa in 2005 Gold Medal.

11.              Free Style Wrestling Century Cup South Africa in 2005 Gold Medal.

12.              11th World Cadet Wrestling Championship 1997 Delhi Gold Medal.

13.              9th Junior World Wrestling 2001 Gold Medal.

14.              15th Asian Senior Wrestling Championship Mongolia in 2001 Bronze Medal.

15.              Commonwealth Greco Roman Style Wrestling Championship South Africa Siler Medal.

16.              Greco Roman Style Wrestling Century Cup South Africa.

17.              Abraham Mustafa Cup in Egypt 1998 Silver Medal.

18.              1st Asian Junior Greek-Roman & Wrestling championship in Kazakhstan 1998 Silver


19.              Bronze Medal in International Tournament in free style and Greco-Roman Wrestling cup 

                  of Independence of Uzbekistan 2001.

20.              1st Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Gold Cup 2003 Bronze Medal.

21.              2nd Olympic Qualifying Wrestling in Bulgaria Bronze Medal.

22.              18th Senior Asian Wrestling Championship in China Bronze Medal.

23.              World Junior Free Style Wrestling Championship in Finland 1997 at 8th place.

24.              Junior World Championship in France at 10th place.

25.              Participate in Fair International Cultural & Sports Tournament 1999.

26.              Participated in World Championship of Freestyle Wrestling in America 2003.

27.              Particiapted in 1st Olympic Qulaifying Wrestling Internation Tournament in Slovakia.


i)                Aftab-e-Hind 1998 in Manhana Punjab.

ii)               Haryana Kumar 1998.

iii)              Aftab-e-Hind 2000 Punjab.

iv)              Dara Gold Cup 2001 Chandigarh.

v)               Sitar-e-Hind 2002 Punjab.

vi)              Bharat Gaurav 2002 Haryana.

vii)             Aftab-e-Hind 2004 Punjab.

viii)            Sher-e-Hind 2005 Punjab.

ix)              Bharat Kumar 2005 Madhya Pradesh.

x)               Bharat Kumar 2006 Haryana


He has been appointed as P/DSP by the State Govt. vide memo. No. 2/17/2009-IHGI dated 07/.05.2010. He has joined on 09.06.2010 and deputed to HPA Madhuban for training.



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